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Pray for My Buddy!

Pray for My Buddy!

I'm asking all my friends, relatives, and fans to take a moment and say a prayer for a heroic young man that needs your support.

Dakota Whitlatch had heart surgery earlier this month to help repair his damaged heart. He is fighting for his life today in the hospital in Iowa City, IA. He needs your prayers!

I met Dakota a few weeks ago when he came to visit me in the pits at the Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, IA. He's a tremendous young man who has been through an incredible amount of challenges in his short life.

Dakota was born in April of 2002 with Hypo plastic left heart. He has had multiple surgeries. His first one coming when he was ten days old. The second was when he was six months old. Then in 2005, when Dakota was three and a half, he was supposed to have his last surgery. However, that surgery failed and he was put on life support. Five days later another surgery damaged Dakota's pulmonary veins and caused his left lung to be non-functional. In 2009 Dakota had a pacemaker put in and now in 2014 he has had his pacemaker changed due to the scar tissue and prior damage.

This kid is a TROOPER in every sense of the word. Please remember him in your prayers!

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Pray for My Buddy!
Pray for My Buddy!
Pray for My Buddy!




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