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Jay Hughes

  • Crew Chief
  • Since: 2016

Jay brings a wealth of experience in Karts and sprint cars. He has been driver and was Dakota's crew chief in Karts for nearly seven years.

Jonathon Hughes

  • Car Chief
  • Since: 2016

Jonathon is a junior in high school at Knoxville High. He has been racing karts since he was 4 years old. He and Dakota are great friends and were teammates in the karts for years. Jon is experienced well beyond his years and does an excellent job maintaining the cars during the week and handling tire duties at the race track.

Jeff Lampkin

  • Team Principal
  • Since: 2014

Jeff is a key sponsor, also helping with team management and sponsorship acquisition.

Kyle Lampkin

  • Crew Member
  • Since: 2013

Kyle is a Crew Member. Kyle is responsible for tires and overall pit work. Kyle serves a variety of roles and is crucial to the team's success.

Cole Henry

  • Crew Member
  • Since: 2014

Cole joined the team in 2014 and is an integral part of race day preparation and pit work.

Josh Lampkin

  • Crew Member
  • Since: 2013

Josh is a stalwart on our crew. He serves is a paint and finish expert. Josh is responsible for the fabulous paint work on the racers. He helps with everything that happens with the cars.

Joel Hassebrock

  • Crew Member
  • Since: 2012

Joel has been a crew member for the last three seasons. Joel is a Material Science Engineering graduate from Iowa State University. Joel is married to Dakota's sister, Meagan.

Bill McCroskey

  • Team Svengali
  • Since: 1998

Bill McCroskey is a long time friend of Dakota's dad and is one of the few known survivors of the "Sprint Car Racing Disease" for which their isn't a known cure.

Bill is one of the creators of the Front Row Challenge and the Ultimate Challenge, a sprint car legend who took his initial laps in a Sprint Car in the 1960's, when the only thing Titanium on Sprint Cars were the driver's balls!

Bill provides the team "attitude" and is key to the team's success.

Rick Bryant

  • Crew Member
  • Since: 2012

Rick is Dakota's uncle. He is a jack-of-all-trades working on the car. He is the team's electrical expert and procurer of shop supplies.

Anthony Hendrickson

  • Dakota's Dad - Team Owner
  • Since: 1996

Unfortunately, Dakota's genetics are compromised by his father's family's penchant for sprint car racing . . . . . . a disease for which their isn't any known cure!

Deb Hendrickson

  • Dakota's Mom
  • Since: 1996

Deb is the Prayer Warrior and secret weapon of Dakota's success. Deb is an Angel serving incognito as Dakota's mother!

Monte McDowell

  • Original Sponsor
  • Since: 2012

Monte is the financing behind the team's success. Without him none of Dakota's success would be possible.




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